[pt_testimonials uniqid=”5e856f9d32aeb”][pt_testimonials_item uniqid=”5e856fd6cf356″ heading=”Grant Jeffrey” text=”No matter how big, complicated, or even impossible you think your photographic vision might be Nadine is the person to make it happen! I have been working with Nadine on an ongoing monthly basis capturing every type of food imagery imaginable and I am yet to present a brief that Nadine hasn’t been able to exceed expectations. My colleagues and I always look forward to a day shooting with Nadine as her passion and bubbly personality is contagious, not to mention a wealth of knowledge and experience to overcome any obstacles during a photoshoot.

Nadine’s photography invites the consumer on a visual feast allowing our marketing to stand out from the rest. Whether its internal communication or customer-facing advertising, our imagery has never looked so good since working with Nadine.” post=”Brands & Campaigns Coordinator for Bidfood” image=”4999″][/pt_testimonials]

[pt_testimonials uniqid=”5e856f9d32aeb”][pt_testimonials_item uniqid=”5e856fd6cf356″ image=”5001″ heading=”Angela Molloy” text=”Country Chef have worked with Feast Photography for many years and across many product launches.

Our collaboration with Nadine has delivered stunning campaign imagery due largely to the creative and technical experience she brings to each project.

We’ve come to regard Feast as an extension of our Marketing team, providing insight and recommendations on how we can best achieve the ideal results.

She’s upskilled our team along the way and I look forward to working with Nadine on many more projects.” post=”Marketing Manager for Country Chef”][/pt_testimonials]

[pt_testimonials uniqid=”5e856f9d32aeb”][pt_testimonials_item uniqid=”5e856fd6cf356″ image=”5006″ heading=”Tamika Nelsen” text=”I have been a client of Feast photography for over 4 years. I continue to book Nadine because I am always very pleased with the exceptional quality of work, her work ethic, professionalism, and her ability to bring to life my vision with beautiful images.

Nadine has a great ability to really capture the essence of our food, make it look crave-able, delicious, and real but never overdone to the point where the food looks too processed, perfect, or cookie cutter.

Nadine consistently produces photography of the highest caliber, which is proof of her talents and passion for her profession.

Nadine has proven to be very versatile with her subjects and has the ability to understand the brief and deliver images we will use time and time again.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Nadine’s services to colleagues and clients and I look forward to working with Nadine again in the near future.
” post=”Marketing Manager for Taco Bell”][/pt_testimonials]

[pt_testimonials uniqid=”5e856f9d32aeb”][pt_testimonials_item uniqid=”5e856fd6cf356″ heading=”Melissa Korhecz” text=”I’ve worked with Nadine and Feast Photography for over 3 years and have her to thank for making my projects look professional and delicious! Nadine is so fun to work with it doesn’t feel like work at all, rather spending time with a good friend creating stunning imagery. Even though we have a good time, she’s always professional and offers helpful, creative advice.” post=”Brand Marketing Co-ordinator for Bidfood” image=”4908″][/pt_testimonials]
[pt_testimonials uniqid=”5e856f9d32aeb”][pt_testimonials_item uniqid=”5e856fd6cf356″ image=”5086″ heading=”Allison Bradley” text=”Working with Nadine is an absolute joy. Her passion and enthusiasm combined with her talent, creativity, and attention to detail ensure you get nothing but the best outcome. I am very much looking forward to the next project we will work together on.” post=”Operations Director”][/pt_testimonials]
[pt_testimonials uniqid=”5e856f9d32aeb”][pt_testimonials_item uniqid=”5e856fd6cf356″ image=”5239″ heading=”Alexandra Kiorgaard” text=”Nadine has always been a motivated inspired individual, who seems to always have the knack of knowing what is needed with props, food, menu.
With her magic, she produces photos of wow food, that make it pop!
Being suppliers to the hospitality industry, we’ve used Nadine to show off our ranges, and how they should be used.” post=”General Manager”][/pt_testimonials]
[pt_testimonials uniqid=”5e856f9d32aeb”][pt_testimonials_item uniqid=”5e856fd6cf356″ image=”5005″ heading=”Clyde Rossouw” text=”I have worked with Nadine for nearly two decades and during that time I have been constantly amazed and impressed with her capacity to be a thorough professional in her field. Nadine has an innate sense of what is required in a brief to bring a product, food, human subject, or landscape to vivid life. Her creative and common-sense approach to her work is both comforting and encouraging. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nadine and Feast Photography to any client.” post=”Director of Cre8tiv Source Pty Ltd.”][/pt_testimonials]
[pt_testimonials uniqid=”5e856fc0badbb”][/pt_testimonials]
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