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{Food Stylist}” heading_lh=”1″ sub_heading=”Food Styling, recipe testing & development, writer & stylist.”]
As a Feast collaborator:

Sarah is calm, focused, experienced, tenacious and has not only an amazing eye for detail but the ability to juggle and adapt as the situation changes. She is a fantastic listener, a true team player and helps clients explore their ideas to get the most out of their projects. Her range of carefully and thoughtfully sourced props and her beautifully created and bespoke surfaces are constantly updated and make the brief a complete joy to dive into.

About Sarah:

Based in the Northern Rivers, Sarah left Sydney 16 years ago for the bright lights of Byron Bay. A background in Fine Arts (COFA UNSW) and many years working in publishing honed her creative talents and practical skills, developing her innate ability to thoroughly explore concepts, cultivate a narrative, and create richly layered imagery. Underpinning her experience, Sarah has always been driven by her passions for delicious food and the art of visual story telling; she intuitively understands the whimsy and magic of YUM factor and adeptly uses it to connect audiences to images.

With over 20 years’ experience as a freelance Food Creative (stylist, feature writer and recipe developer) she has nurtured a diverse range of clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Byron and Brisbane, from publishing (online and print), to corporations large and small—helping them to grow their concepts and bring a little something extra to each of their projects. She has collaborated on over 30 cookbooks, and her work (both written and images) has been featured in magazines and advertising campaigns globally.

[pt_skills style=”line” skill_level=”100″ heading=”FOOD STYLING” desc=”Taking client wish-lists, concreting concepts with a high level of skill in production, preparation to masterful on set styling.”]
[pt_skills style=”line” skill_level=”100″ heading=”RECIPE DEVELOPMENT” desc=”Creating recipes or developing existing recipes.”]
[pt_skills style=”line” skill_level=”100″ heading=”FEATURE WRITER” desc=”Creating stories through imagery and the written word.”]
[pt_skills style=”line” skill_level=”100″ heading=”STYLIST PROPS AND WARDROBE” desc=”With a stunning array of props and surfaces, Sarah is unmatched at setting the scene and creating the perfect look and feel.”]
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{Food Stylist}” heading_lh=”1″ sub_heading=”Food Styling, recipe writing, 4th dimension wizard and joy to have on set”]
As a Feast collaborator:

Pete is positive, adaptable, motivated, and enthusiastic. His palpable passion for his vocation shines through every situation even when pushed beyond the brief. It makes him a joy to have on set. His diversity of props and love of perfecting the details, opens up room for truly working together as a team, to create unique and amazing images for our clients.  

About Pete:

He began professional food styling in 2001 while Marketing Director for Australia’s largest national food retailing franchisor.

18 years later and he has created an incredible body of work and clients that span all facets of FMCG, Retailing Chains and Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Bakers, and Specialist Food Makers.

Most food stylists specialise in a particular vein…and for Pete this is very much the creation of “Crave”. Pete magically combines the allure and mood of an editorial image with the “must-haves commerciality” so desired by big brands. 

Pete has won the healthy following of top-shelf brands that count on him for the latest ideas and creative ways with food for the camera….stills and motion.

He is responsible for the look and feel of products from pizza and ice cream to dairy, pastries and sandwiches, burgers, steaks, and fresh meat. Cocktails, tabletop, olives, spreads, nut growers, and many more.

The 4th dimension!

Clients sometimes need a stylist to expand on the often “two-dimensional” aspects of still photos. 

Pete’s knack for exposing the textural detail and esoteric elementals in a shot helps to “sell” the product on multiple levels! Essentially making a product more crave-able through texture that suggests smell and even taste!

Think oozing cheese, crispy grilled crust on hamburger patties, juicy plumped oysters bursting from their shells… steaming cookies with melting soft marshmallow inside…

[pt_skills style=”line” skill_level=”100″ heading=”FOOD STYLING” desc=”Combining the allure of editorial and precision of commercial requirements makes Pete an expert all-rounder.”]
[pt_skills style=”line” skill_level=”100″ heading=”RECIPE DEVELOPMENT” desc=”Creating recipes or developing existing recipes.”]
[pt_skills style=”line” skill_level=”100″ heading=”PROPS AND SURFACES” desc=”Pete’s passion is evident in his careful collation of props and surfaces to create a unique look and feel.”]
[pt_skills style=”line” skill_level=”100″ heading=”4th dimension” desc=”Mastery at highlighting textural detail for crave-ability.”]
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[yprm_heading css_animation=”slideInRight” decor_type=”bottom-line” heading=”Jaime Reyes
{Food Stylist}” heading_lh=”1″ sub_heading=”Food Styling, recipe writing, food service and menu creation”]
As a Feast collaborator:

Jaime combines the skills and precision of a professional chef and his experience as an artist. Jaime’s style is fast, precise, and accurate to the brief with little input. His strength is drilling into a brief, getting organised in a way that would make the military look disheveled, and cracking through a shoot with laser focus.  Job done!

About Jaime:

He established his food styling business in 2003 after completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at QUT. Since that time, Jaime has cultivated a diverse clientele including food distribution companies and manufacturers, restaurants, advertising agencies and designers, government departments, and even clients from the property, electricity, and banking sectors.

Jaime keeps abreast of international trends in food photography and art. He travels regularly to attend trade shows and festivals. He has studied food styling in New York, runs food seminars and workshops, and featured on national television.


The Australian approach to food styling is well regarded internationally and has much to offer international audiences—particularly with it’s clean, simple, and wholesome sensibilities. 

Jaime’s approach draws on his years of experience as a chef and an artist. He creates food that leaps from its two-dimensional frame by considering the composition, colour, and texture of each element.


Over the years, Jaime’s services have expanded to encompass a whole range of work-related to food.

His work features extensively across TV, websites and digital campaigns, print media, point of sale promotions, outdoor advertising, and packaging. 

Jaime has several cook book credits to his name and is regularly invited to speak about food and related topics. His services also include menu creation, recipe development, and foodservice advice

[pt_skills style=”line” skill_level=”100″ heading=”FOOD STYLING” desc=”Military precision chef skills, Jaime’s style is fast and precise.”]
[pt_skills style=”line” skill_level=”100″ heading=”RECIPE DEVELOPMENT” desc=”Creating or developing existing recipes.”]
[pt_skills style=”line” skill_level=”100″ heading=”MENU CREATION” desc=”Putting together a balanced menu driving guest loyalty, and profitability.”]
[pt_skills style=”line” skill_level=”100″ heading=”FOOD SERVICE ADVICE” desc=”Leading foodservice businesses to better outcomes.”]
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[yprm_heading css_animation=”slideInRight” decor_type=”bottom-line” uniqid=”5d652bff7436f” heading=”Audra Heye
{Brand Strategist and Designer}” heading_lh=”1″ sub_heading=”brand strategy, art direction, marketing, visual and information design”]
As a Feast collaborator:

Audra has the uncanny ability to burrow into the heart of of a brand to find the direction the business needs to follow—with the bonus of getting you there.

About Audra:

New businesses often fail to understand the path their brand should follow while established businesses may struggle with disruption and remaining relevant. Strategic branding is the secret sauce that provides advantage in a fast-moving world.

Audra assists brands to navigate these challenges with a design-led, creative approach. She works with businesses needing to establish solid foundations or those needing to reinvent a tired, lagging brand.


As an award-winning expert in brand strategy, art direction, marketing, visual, and information design—Audra utilises her knowledge of consumer behaviour, design thinking and creative strategy to facilitate ‘aha’ moments for clients. With her guidance, clients receive sharp clarity around their brand positioning and uncover a host of fresh opportunities.

Her considered approach provides effective direction in brand culture and prompts the translation of ideas into remarkable collateral.

As a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience, Audra has worked with clients from various industries including food and food service, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, building and engineering, education, and government. This broad bank of knowledge allows her to form a unique strategy from many divergent sources of transferable ideas.

[pt_skills style=”line” uniqid=”5d66258c6607d” skill_level=”100″ heading=”BRAND STRATEGY” desc=”Finding your unique value in the market and creating strategy to take your brand where it needs to go.”]
[pt_skills style=”line” uniqid=”5d662596291c8″ skill_level=”100″ heading=”MARKETING” desc=”Connecting to your market to inform, engage, build trust and maximise sales.”]
[pt_skills style=”line” uniqid=”5d66259e579ba” skill_level=”100″ heading=”VISUAL AND INFORMATION DESIGN” desc=”Creating award-winning collateral to communicate your brand to the world.”]
[pt_skills style=”line” uniqid=”5d6625a825bb9″ skill_level=”100″ heading=”ART DIRECTION” desc=”Leading the creative team to understand the sensitivities of your brand, and deliver imagery and words to express your story.”]
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[yprm_heading css_animation=”slideInRight” decor_type=”bottom-line” heading=”Joshua Macguire
{Videographer}” heading_lh=”1″ sub_heading=”Video production”]
About Josh:

Joshua Maguire is a photographer and cinematographer based in Brisbane, Australia. Through an extensive background in high-end photographic production, he provides a unique approach to video and cinematography.

Coupled with a passion for emotional storytelling, Joshua produces compelling content across both mediums for clients Australia wide.

[pt_skills style=”line” skill_level=”100″ heading=”CONCEPT ” desc=”End to end professional video production from concept to delivery.”]
[pt_skills style=”line” skill_level=”100″ heading=”CAMERA SKILLS” desc=”The best equipment driven by the best operators. “]
[pt_skills style=”line” skill_level=”100″ heading=”COMMUNICATION” desc=”Listening, understanding and interpreting.”]
[pt_skills style=”line” skill_level=”100″ heading=”EDITING” desc=”Fast, effortless and seamless editing, delivered exactly how you need it.”]
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